Friday, May 10, 2019


Last update: 2019-09-17

Read through my commission guidelines carefully! When you're ready to commission me, or if you just want to check if my commissions are open right now, head over to my commission request form:


Quick Rundown

  • All prices are in USD.
  • Each illustrated character costs $50 (i.e., two characters in one scene = $100).
  • R-18 / NSFW = OK! 👍 But I can't draw violence, incest, toddlercon, bestiality, scat, or guro.
  • Obscure fetishes costs extra. 
  • Detailed backgrounds / props costs extra. 
  • Alternate versions (i.e., different clothing / facial expression) costs extra.
  • Average delivery time is one week. Your commission may take longer (up to months) if it's large-scale or if I'm working on multiple projects at the same time. 


The Process

  1. You submit a commission request form.
  2. I send you an email to confirm I reviewed your request. We discuss anything that needs clarifying. I give you the total price and an estimated delivery time.
  3. After you confirm the price I email you the invoice. After the invoice is paid I begin work!
  4. Within ~24 hours I send you a rough sketch of the basic composition. Check for anything you want changed or adjusted.
  5. I work on your commission. Once it's near completion, I send you a work-in-progress. Check for anything you want changed or adjusted.
  6. I finish up and email you the final package. Thank you for commissioning me!



Q: Do I have to use the form?
A: No, you can send your request to me via DM on Twitter / Pixiv / Deviantart if you want. But check the form to see if commissions are open first.

Q: What counts as an obscure fetish?
A: Anything that gets posted on 4chan's /d/ board (Warning: NSFW link).

Q: How much do obscure fetishes cost?
A: Up to $200 per illustration featuring the fetish. Some examples: tickling = $25, futanari = $50, anal vore = $200. I recommend looking for artists that specializes in such topics instead!

Q: How much do detailed backgrounds / props cost?
A: $20 or more, depending on what needs to be drawn. Simple backgrounds / props like a bed sheet and one or two disembodied hands are free.

Q: How much do alternate versions cost?
A: $20 or more, depending on what needs to be drawn.

Q: What comes in the final package?
A: The final package is a .zip file with the commissioned illustrations in .png format at their original size (~4000 x 4000 px) and regular size (~1000 x 1000 px).

Q: Can I get the lineart / transparent background version / the original file with all the layers as well ?
A: Sure. Tell me in your initial request and I'll add them to the package. Note that the original layered file will be in .clip format (I use Clip Studio Paint to illustrate).

Q: Do I get the commercial rights to the commissioned illustrations?
A: By default, no: I keep the commercial rights. You can print the illustrations for personal use, but not sell the illustrations or any merchandise the illustrations are printed on. Think CC BY-NC 4.0. Basically, only I am allowed to profit off of the illustrations 😄. Contact me for a special arrangement if you want the commercial rights.